Fresco Wizard

Fresco Wizard

Fresco Wizard 1.0 is a game for people of all ages.
2.6  (5 votes)

Fresco Wizard 1.0 is a game for people of all ages. You will live an awesome story as a wizard student. You will have to order figures so that you can score points and pass the levels. As you keep on passing levels you will be able to use magic to get better and it will be easier for you. The game can be played with the full screen mode. It's very easy to play, all you need to play it is your mouse. You will see figures falling slowly down in the left side of the screen, you will have to get them and turn them around so that they can be inserted in the main figure. The game has got many different levels, each one will have a different difficulty level and a different storyline. Fresco Wizard 1.0 has got some nice audio and visual graphics. You will be able to unable the full screen mode as well to turn off the volume or reduce it. You will also be able to shut down the music. If you take too long ordering the pieces you are given you will lose. You will be able to save your progress anytime you want and to record your name on the game's highest scores.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It's entertaining
  • It has got a lot of levels
  • You play only with the mouse
  • It has got some good audio and visual effects


  • It has no disadvantages
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